Elven Ears - Small

Elven Ears - Small
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Your Small Elven Ears hear the rustle of footsteps behind you. A smile crosses your delicate lips as you realize a stranger is attempting to sneak up on someone as lithe and alert as you. You are the kindred of the immortals, having honed your skills for hundreds of years. No normal mortal being can surprise you.

Come out of hiding, you call over your shoulder. I know you are there.

Again your Small Elven Ears pick up the faintest noise, and as you hear the thwap! of an archers bow, you spin and dodge the incoming arrow. It appears some lesser creature is about to receive an important lesson about attacking an elf as powerful as you.


Epic Armourys Elven Ears Small (English/French) are prosthetic ears molded in a classic pointed shape, a common sigil of the mythological elf. These latex ears add 4 cm to the human ear at the helix, and are as smooth and elegant as an elven ear should be. The ears are modelled to cover and form-fit over the outer ear of a child, allowing for plenty of surface area in which to securely and safely glue the latex to the wearerA

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